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Spiritual Gifts

How Spiritual Gifts Can Uplift a Person

Spiritual gifts do not always mean religious gifts. Spiritual gifts can be given at any time of the year. Inspiration would be one of the most significant fundamental factors to bring a person to give spiritual gifts. There are many times in life where a person needs their spirits lifted. It has to do with us all being created out of love. By this statement, we need to love and wish to be loved. Spirit Works 4 U has those spiritual gifts that can show support to the individual who receives the gifts how much they are loved. All it takes is for someone to care about us and support our ideas and reasonings. It is a form of loyalty when we understand someone we care about and wish them well on life's journeys. We will always love the person but to care for the spirit is a higher form of love and embracement. Nothing can say it better like these gifts which Kay has put her heart and soul into it.

Altar scarves are noteworthy in the spirit world, where the designs hold a symbolic meaning to the spirit. Altars can be created for many reasons. Often an altar is a place to make offerings to a higher power. Some see it as God, others, Muhammad, or Buddha. Others see the higher power as the Great Spirit, perspective of some Native American cultures. It does not matter what religion a person is. 


Altars can be used to honor a deceased love one as in Dia de los Muertos. They may be a place to meditate or to collect special inspirational and spiritual items. Altar scarves have been around for centuries as the protector of the altars from scratches, and it also adds design and decor like tablecloths to tables. They can protect from scratches, stains, or any other damage that may occur during use. The three online altar scarves Kay currently has available are "The Labyrinth Renewal" Scarf, "The La Luna Alchemy" Scarf, and "The Chakra Rising" Scarf.

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