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Labyrinth Cards

The Positivity and Teachings of Labyrinth Cards

Labyrinth cards are another gift for oneself or someone special. They can be used in walking the labyrinth and in connecting with a higher power. Many people love to read inspirational words. Spirit Works 4 U has labyrinth cards sold in a set of ten cards, each with a different design and a prayer. The three sets are also different with a common back so the card sets can be combined into a large deck.

The labyrinth prayer walking cards can enhance any labyrinth walk. Many people say the cards help pave the way to a greater wisdom as they walk the path. Others find inspiration or use them as a mantra during their walk. Staying positive with these words offered on the Labyrinth cards can lead us to a better life as it teaches peace and happiness.

Hard cover sketch books and journals also have inspirational paintings on them. The hard cover sketch books come with blank pages and are made for those who love to draw pictures. Since the images are already inspiring, it can help further inspire people who love to draw and provide a special place to keep those drawings and doodles. The same can go with journals. The books are made to write in with the thoughts of a person, much like a diary. Many times it is whatever happened to the person that day. Others choose to record their innermost musings. The heart-centered art and sayings on the journals are often regarded as a “sacred space" to keep special notes of inspiration.

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