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Kay Kemp is the owner of Spirit Works 4 U, and she put out a statement concerning her artwork that sums up everything. She said, "With all of my art, I seek to inspire a thought, a word, a deed, or a prayer towards healing the planet and our sacred relationship to it." Kay Kemp paintings have been an inspiration to many, and she began her quest in the 1960s when she worked to become an art teacher. Her path did not lead her down these roads, but it set her on a different route to teaching her other offerings and ways of art. In 1997, Kay found out the power of meditation with art, and she began working on it herself. It led her to new heights and spiritually illuminated her life. Kay Kemp paintings became a trademark of her teaching and coaching skills, creativeness, business, and spirit. From that point, she opened her business and has been moving forward since.

Nichos originated in South and Central America and are small boxes used as devotionals. The beauty Kay's Nichos captures is phenomenal, with the metal case surrounding a glass front with a picture or religious item inside the glass. It shows creativity, like no other item on the market. The Nichos are painted accordingly and make the best gifts. It is not something you find every day, but creativity is one of a kind. Some contain religious pictures, while others contain artwork that speaks to the soul inside the glass pictures. Some Nichos look like ancient Egyptian or Native American art with different cultures tied into the piece. Others have flowers or scenes of the heart and how it can set aflame. The flowers represent blossoms, which have a symbolic meaning to spiritual growth. Then there are those with love instilled in them, which can make creating even more beautiful.

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