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5"(w) x  7"(h) Greeting cards with envelopes. Set of 5 of the same design, blank inside. Printed on the back is the following message about the art...

"A representation of the changing seasons is central to this mandala. The cycle symbolism reassures that renewal is possible. Nestled in the trees are white doves which typically represent peace but is also an emblem of the Holy Spirit in Christianity. The egg with wings comes from the Christian tradition as a metaphor for resurrection and birth.

     The egg itself, like the seed, is a significant symbol of the potential of life. In ancient times the egg depicted the universe, creation, and in some cultures, luck, wealth, and health. In the Jewish traidition it symbolizes promise, and in the Christian tradition it is also a metaphor for immortality and the Trinity."

"Renewal" Set of 5 Cards


    As with all items sold online, actual colors will vary slightly from how they appear on your screen. We take every measure to maintain color true to the art and design. 

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