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14"(h) x 11"(w) Signed limited edition archival pigment print on paper - Unframed.The following prayer accompanies the art print, "Path Prayer for Peace"


"Winding thoughtful steps quieten the noise within. Turning on the twisting path, I see the foolishness of our ways. Division and rightness serve no good. Let my steps move us toward the healing of ourselves, our relationships, and our planet for peace."


"Path Prayer for Peace" - Archival Print

$135.00 Regular Price
$108.00Sale Price
  • Archival Print as shown here.


    Card Set...Part of a set of 4 different pieces of art and prayers that make up the "Path Prayer" Series


As with all items sold online, actual colors will vary slightly from how they appear on your screen. We take every measure to maintain color true to the art and design. 

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