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12" x 12" Signed limited edition archival pigment print on paper - Unframed.

The following prayer accompanies the art print, "Earth Prayer: Protection"


"May we protect the moss-draped land of Spirit Bear where red cedars have thrived for a thousand years. May we cherish the Great Bear Rainforest, home for wolves, whales, and wolverines. May we join First Nations in reverence for mooksgm’ol, the rare white bear whose life depends on us. May we hold Spirit Bear in our heartsto welcome it’s precious reminder of the need for our protection."

"Earth Prayer: Protection" - Archival Print

  • Archival Print as shown here.


    Card Set - Part of a set of 7 different pieces of art and prayers that make up the "Earth Prayer" Series

As with all items sold online, actual colors will vary slightly from how they appear on your screen. We take every measure to maintain color true to the art and design. 

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