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Set of 5 5" x 7" cards and envelopes. Blank inside with the following prayer on the back...


May Mother Earth bless and sustain you, and make your journey a joyous one.


May you revel in the gifts of sunlight and cool breezes from bountiful clouds.


May your Truth be rooted in the deep soil of Spirit and be empowered beyond wild expectations.


May you walk the path with courage, audacious authenticity, and with the serenity of grace and gratefulness.


May unity and diversity inspire your very greatness with the arms of many to cherish and embrace you.


May the whole of earth feel your fierce caring for the whole of earth and we who dwell upon it.


© Kay Kemp 2021

"Earth Prayer: Benediction" Greeting Card


    As with all items sold online, actual colors will vary slightly from how they appear on your screen. We take every measure to maintain color true to the art and design. 

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