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Spiritual Art


Below is a sampling of some of the pieces being offered at
Spirit Works 4 U that I would like to share with you. Choose one of each, or four of the same design. I’ll mail your free cards if you will click below to let me know your preference and contact information. Please know that your address will not be shared or used in any other way except to send your gift of this packet of cards.




“Earth Prayer: Radiance” has an original prayer on the back of the card especially written especially for this piece of art.

May we reach out to our sisters and brothers with love. 

May we walk a path of light together in oneness. 

May we co-create a world of grace and understanding. 

May we radiate sacred spirit in service to a better world.


This card is one from a series I call “Earth Prayer”. The series is one of the numerous images of sacred women that have spontaneously emerged where the spiritual and creative power of women is celebrated.

Notice that “Serenity” is a mixed media piece unlike the others shared here. I am an unapologetic tree lover and hugger which explains the inclusion of trees in a spirit-infused group of art.


For me, bringing the focus on trees is an appeal for saving these precious assets and to honor their sustenance.


There is not an accompanying message  for "Serenity" but over time all of my art will each carry their own story.

"Wild Angel" is one in a series of fun cards. These sacred women are a little bit sassy, do not take themselves too seriously, and are always joyful.


Their untamed wildness is expressed as they dance, cavort, and rest quiet ingloriously while carrying reminder messages that advocate for power and truth. 

“Path of Prayer of Trust” features another original prayer on the back of the card.

Weaving in and out,

embraced by an invisible thread

securely bound in the Great Divine,

I follow.

My heart opens in fullness and 

the power of the path ignites something more.

Center grounds me so thoroughly

with reassurance of Great Love.

I trust.


“Trust” is also part of a series  that emerged from my experiences on the labyrinth. The sacred archetypal patterns of mandalas and labyrinths touch my spirit in so many ways. 


The art and treasures of Spirit Works 4 U will inspire you, your clients, and your friends.

​ Help spread the message and surround yourself with reminders of the peace, wisdom, and beauty we all seek.




It isn’t an unusual story, but one many of us share. It is a life unfolding with purpose and passion, along a circuitous path of seemingly unrelated steps that finally reveals our own soul’s longing. Back in the 60’s Kay Kemp set out to become an art teacher but the road ahead led down a variety of different paths but all necessary. It is only the last 2+ decades that are shared below.


In August 1997, Kay Kemp discovered the labyrinth as a powerful and significant spiritual tool after attending a week-long gathering led by Dr. Lauren Artress, Veriditas founder and author of Walking a Sacred Path and The Sacred Path Companion. Dr. Artress’ vision for the labyrinth as a sacred path of prayer and walking meditation was a pivotal juncture for Kay. 


Profoundly motivated by this meaningful experience, Kay was led down new roads of personal development and spiritual discovery.  She sought additional training as a Certified Personal Effectiveness Coach, a Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator and embarked on an intensive exploration of the creative process through a variety of disciplines. A new trajectory evolved as Kay fostered a deep conviction that creative expression and spirituality illuminate one’s own purposeful life.


Combining her coaching skills, creativity, spiritual conviction, and business acumen, Kay founded Wild Heart Art, where her mission of inspiring others to liberate their own creative spirit and discover the joy and healing of creativity flourished. Her visionary art and innovative programs further ignited Kay’s vision. Spirit Works 4 U is the result of that sacred alchemical brew. Throughout the Spirit Works 4 U site, the art and products are inspirited by Kay’s dedication to our sacred relationship with one another and our planet.


To view more  of Kay's art visit or call 832.618.1416

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