March's full moon is called Worm Moon but an alternative Native American name is Crow Moon. The cawing of crows signals winter's end. Peak time will be 2:48 pm (CDT) on Sunday, March 28. You are invited to step outside, bask in the moonlight, and take the time to reflect and journal.


My acrylic painting, "Crow Moon" is 12" x 12" on cradled board. 

Full moon blessings,


"Crow Moon"  is the latest addition to the Moon Series and is available for purchase.

"She Who Seeks Balance" Muse is one of the newest figures in the Muse series. Available for purchase.

"She Who is Proud" Muse is another new mixed media figure. Available for purchase.

"She Who is Joyful" Muse is also a new mixed media figure. 

Available for purchase.

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