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For Wednesday, May 26th, we are treated to another supermoon as well as a total eclipse moon making it "Super Flower Blood Moon." She will turn a shade of red for about 14 minutes although many of us in Texas may not be able to witness the spectacular event in its entirety. If you are located in the western US, she will be visible near the horizon shortly before it sets. 


Full moon names echo the activities occurring around each month throughout the year. Abundant blooming of wildflowers in May makes this month "Flower Moon". Other names for May's moon are Corn Planting Moon, Mother's Moon, and Milk Moon.


Reflection, journaling, and stillness are always recommended as you take time to enjoy the beautiful fullness.

Full moon blessings,



Flower Moon is this month's Moon Series creation. The background is textured with woven hand-dyed watercolor paper mounted on a 24" x 18" cradled board.  The true dimension and depth of color are amplified when viewed in-person on this one of a kind original. Flower Moon is available for purchase.


Peacefully Open (10"x10") is another new original piece also created on a textured woven background, and available for purchase.