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She exemplifies the strength of the feminine spirit and does not deter from devotion to a cause. Speaking her truth, She will never cower to unjustified power. She is strong  in spirit, in conviction, and is invincible. It is not her goal to be in the spotlight but you often see her there, almost demur but her strength of presence is undeniable. 


“She Who Stands Strong” is a one of a kind creation that will delight and inspire power as an equal, not the obsolete paradigm of power over or power under.  As with all the Muse Series, She is a wall hanging and should be handled with care. While considered an art doll, She is not intended for children of any age. 


The many special mementos are curated from Kay's vast collection of fabrics, laces, yarns, embellishments, and found objects collected from around the world. Her beautiful face is a clay shard by Lyn Belisle, fantastic fellow artist.

Size: 25" Tall x 4-1/2" Wide

"She Who Stands Strong" Muse


    As with all items sold online, actual colors will vary slightly from how they appear on your screen. We take every measure to maintain color true to the art and design. 

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